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Out of a primordial cloud of cosmic gas and dust, gravity forged the stars. We have in the same way brought our spaces to life, making them comfortable and relaxing.
The relentless passage of time has guided the evolution of the universe and created extraordinary wonders in the journey through boundless space.
Hotel Up is a universe of services, from hospitality to relaxation, from beauty treatments to massages and cures, all centered around our guests, with their unique and exclusive needs. It is only by mastering this awareness that we can say we are providing hospitality. This philosophy is the basis of our group in all its facilities.

Memorable stays, special occasions, dream holidays: enjoy a unique experience at the Hotel Up. Our sophisticated SPA with luxurious and elegant spaces combine to create a unique and unparalleled style.

We are ready to offer you, today more than ever, the maximum security to take care of you responsibly. See you there!

For anyone who wants to experience a moment of magical relaxation. Discover our proposals only for Thursday 31 October.

Select your area of ​​interest from the open positions. Upload and send your data and curriculum and send us your application.